Mitchell Report: Ruining Careers Since 2008

I trust ESPN. I’ve been watching the network and reading the website for as long as I can remember. So when they tell me something like they told me last week, I get upset.

Last week it came out that one of the Braves’ top prospects, Jordan Schafer, was suspended for 50 games for using HGH. I had no problem with it. I know the use of performance-enhancing drugs is just as rampant in Minor League Baseball, if not moreso, as it is in the MLB. I was happy to see a player getting what he deserves.

Then the bomb dropped: Apparently Schafer never tested positive for HGH.

Imagine being called into your boss’ office. He sits you down and explains that you are going to be suspended for embezzling $10,000. Shocked and outraged, you ask to see the receipts or some sort of proof. Instead he tells you that he has no evidence but the word of Jack McDermot, who told him that you did it. Coincidentally Jack McDermot was suspended earlier in that fiscal year for the same offense.

If you’re confused, don’t worry about it. So am I. So is Jordan Schafer. Apparently he is the first publicized victim of Mitchell Report fallout, earning a suspension not based on a positive drug test, but instead based on the new “anecdotal evidence” portion of the steroid policy.

Schafer, the 25th best prospect in the minor leagues according to Baseball America, will miss half the season because somebody said that he took HGH. There’s no video of him doing it. There’s no positive test. There’s no record of an online purchase of HGH. There wasn’t even an official police investigation.

Somebody previously punished for using HGH told Major League Baseball that Schafer took the drug, and now he’s suspended.

This kid’s future could have just been ruined because of the “tattle” rule recently implemented by the MLB. Commissioner Selig is mentally unstable. I mean…I haven’t seen any medical records, but two people in a mental institution told me that he was crazy, so it must be true. Right?


One Response to Mitchell Report: Ruining Careers Since 2008

  1. Maverick says:

    THIS IS GREAT!! YOU took all the words right out of my mouth keep it coming. I agree with you 110% the percent being that i’m a braves fan lol

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