Wait…Who’s Pitching Tonight?

Maine vs. Cain, Brito vs. Zito, pitching is so confusing!


Yesterday while watching the bottom line on ESPN, something amusing and slightly confusing caught my attention. The starting pitcher matchup for last night’s Mets-Giants game was: NYM (Maine) vs. SF (Cain). Naturally both starters factored in the decision, with the Mets righty picking up the win and the Giants righty taking the loss in the first annual Maine-Cain matchup.

I got to thinking about other possible confusing pitching matchups in the Major Leagues, and there were a lot more than I thought. A LOT more. Let’s start with the most confusing matchups, two pitchers facing each other with the same last name (all pitchers listed have logged at least one inning this season).


Bos (C. Bucholz) vs. Col (T. Bucholz)

Tor (A. Burnett) vs. Pit (S. Burnett)

Was (C. Cordero) vs. Cin (F. Cordero)

Sea (F. Hernandez) vs. Min (L. Hernandez)

ChC (R. Hill) vs. Was (S. Hill)

Bal (J. Johnson) vs. Ari (R. Johnson)

Det (A. Lopez) vs. Bos (J. Lopez)

Sea (M. Lowe) vs. LAD (D. Lowe)

Fla (A. Miller) or Fla (J. Miller) vs. TB (T. Miller)

Was (Od. Perez) vs. NYM (Ol. Perez)

NYY (E. Ramirez) vs. KC (R. Ramirez)

TB (Al Reyes) vs. StL (An. Reyes) vs. Min (D. Reyes) vs. Atl (J. Reyes)

NYY (M. Rivera) vs. Was (S. Rivera)

LAA (F. Rodriguez) vs. Hou (W. Rodriguez)

NYM (D. Sanchez) vs. SF (J. Sanchez)

LAA (E. Santana) vs. NYM (J. Santana)

TB (J. Shields) vs. LAA (S. Shields)

Oak (G. Smith) vs. NYM (J. Smith)

LAA (J. Speier) vs. Col (R. Speier) 

Bal (J. Walker) vs. SF (T. Walker)

SF (B. Wilson) vs. Tex (C. Wilson)

Tex (J. Wright) vs. Hou (W. Wright)


Ok, those were boring but I was just blown away by how many active Major League pitchers share a common surname. These confusing matchups should be a little more fun:


SD (Banks) vs. CWS (Danks) or CWS (Jenks)

Sea (Batista) vs. Det (Bautista)

SD (Bell) vs. Col (Wells)

Bos (Beckett) vs. Atl (Bennet)

TB (Birkins) vs. Atl (Jurrjens)

Hou (Borkowski) vs. Cle (Borowski)

NYM (Brito) vs. SF (Zito)

Cle (Byrd) vs. Hou (Byrdak)

Atl (Carlyle) vs. Cin (Belisle)

Oak (Casilla) vs. Tex (Padilla)

Pit (Chacon) vs. Tor (Chacin)

SF (Cain) vs. Min (Crain)

Oak (Foulke) vs. SF (Chulk)

Col (Francis) vs. Tex (Francisco)

Tex (German) vs. SD (Germano)

Det (Grilli) vs. ChC (Lilly)

Phi (Hamels) vs. TB (Hammel)

SD (Hampson) vs. Atl (Hampton)

Bos (Hansen) vs. Tor (Janssen)

Oak (Harden) vs. Ari (Haren)

ChC (Howry) vs. SF (Lowry)

Phi (Kendrick) vs. TB (Hendrickson)

Hou (King) vs. Atl (Ring)

LAA (Lackey) vs. Cle (Laffey)

Phi (Lidge) vs. Tor (Litsch)

Tex (Loe) vs. LAD (Lowe)

Sea (Lowe) vs. StL (Lohse)

Col (Newman) vs. TB (Niemann)

Fla (Nolasco) vs. ChC (Carrasco)

Atl (Ohman) vs. TB (Dohmann)

Fla (Olsen) vs. Bal (Olson)

Ari (Petit) vs. NYY (Pettite)

Tor (Ryan) vs. TB (Ryu)

Cle (Sowers) vs. Col (Towers)

NYY (Wang) vs. Cin (Harang)

SD (Wolf) vs. Tor (Wolfe)

SD (Yabu) vs. KC (Yabuta)

and just for fun…  Oak (Street) vs. Sea (Rhodes)


Well hopefully this list has alerted you so you won’t be too confused the next time one of these matchups pops up on the bottom line. I tried to find one for my name, but I had trouble finding a name that rhymes with Ward-Henninger. Go figure.



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