Game, Set, and Tantrum


tennis leads to more outbursts than trips to the dentist


I’ve fallen back in love with tennis.

The most exciting sporting event of this weekend was the French Open Final. No, i’m not talking about Rafa Nadal lambasting Roger Federer for a fourth straight year at Roland Garros (the clay surface is now officially Federer’s Kryptonite. It magically strips him of all of his superhuman powers the second he sets foot on it).

What I’m talking about was the WOMEN’S final played on Saturday between Ana Ivanovic and Dinara Safina. Ivanovic won the match 6-4, 6-3, earning the number one spot in the rankings in the process.

I know what you’re thinking: YES, Ivanovic is super hot.  NO, that’s not why I enjoyed the match. Well, not the whole reason.

I started watching the match live on Saturday morning in glimpses (flipping to it during 90210 commercials), but I soon found myself much more interested in Ivanovic and Safina’s battle than the on-again-off-again romance between Donna and David.

More intriguing than the match was the behavior of Safina (sister of men’s player Marat Safin). Apparently Marat is known for his, let’s just say, demonstrative behavior on the tennis court and his sister was no different.

Highlights of the match:


– Safina shouting a 38-word Russian expletive at the top of her lungs following a point (I’m not even sure if she was angry or happy, but it was awesome)

– Safina rolling her eyes and steaming with anger when a baby began to cry during her serve (the baby was escorted out of the stadium before Safina actually served. I’m serious.) P.S.- Isn’t it ridiculous how everyone has to be quiet before they serve in tennis? Could you imagine Randy Johnson refusing to deliver the first pitch in a visiting stadium until there was complete silence?

– As Ivanovic was pointing to the ball mark on the clay to contest a call, Safina walking over and defiantly wiping away the mark with her racket while shaking her head in disgust.


I was literally laughing out loud for about five minutes after each of those moments. Also, Safina’s behavior led commentator John McEnroe to allude to this infamous video (one of the all-time greats):



So I’m officially on the tennis bandwagon now (and what a spacious wagon it is). I’m going to try to keep track of the rankings and watch some of the minor tournaments just with the hope of seeing some ridiculous behavior. Like this kid, who is eerily reminiscent of my brother during his tennis-playing days.


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