Podcast #3 – Colin talks to The Life

After a big Laker win in game two, I called my high school point guard and current Los Angeles Clippers employee David Gale to get some insight.

Oh yeah, he worked out with Blake Griffin on Saturday…how’s that for credibility?

As always you can download here or find me on iTunes by typing Ward-Henninger, You’ve Got to be kidding me, or some combination of my name and the title…you’ll figure it out.

Podcast #3 – Colin talks to The Life

Podcast #2 – Colin talks to The Mick

Well, we survived the first podcast, now it’s onwards and upwards.

This time I talk to my good friend Patrick Smith (aka The Mick) about the upcoming Magic-Lakers NBA Finals. Please enjoy.

Again, you can either listen live by clicking on the link or save it by right clicking and hitting “save link as…”

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Appreciate it.

Podcast #2 – Colin talks to The Mick

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