Podcast #4 – Colin talks to Sow about McGwire, Jersey Shore

In our first podcast in nine months, I call former Ivy League Pitcher of the Year Josh Sowers (brother of Indians lefty Jeremy Sowers), to talk about Mark McGwire’s steroid “revelation.”
Not surprisingly, the conversation on steroids steers quickly towards Jersey Shore.

Podcast #4 – Colin talks to Sow about McGwire, Jersey Shore

Podcasts coming soon!

After a year-long hiatus, it’s about that time. With my friends back in the country, in the farming off-season, or in their second semester of med school, I think they’ve all got a little more time to talk about sports, reality tv, and turning into “classic adults.” Hope to have the first one up this weekend. If you’re as excited as I am, feel free to start beating up the beat.

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