YouTube Clip of the Day: Ninja Rap by Vanilla Ice

The YouTube phenomenon is truly underrated. Remember a time when you were trying to recall a certain clip in a movie or tv show. You had to hope that you somehow figured out how to set your impossibly confusing VCR timer and that you were able to capture the moment. Then you had to use the FF/REW function to actually find the place without chewing up the tape.

Of course we never actually got what we wanted on tape, so before YouTube we had to rely on shotty story-telling to recount the event. Could you imagine trying to relay some of the classic YouTube sensations through the spoken word?

So, there’s this, um, chipmunk…or gopher…I don’t know, some kind of small animal. And he’s like, looking away from the camera. Then he…um…he looks at the camera. It’s a very dramatic look.

Somehow that doesn’t capture this moment. And that is the beauty of YouTube. We never have to rely on the ill-equipped English language to recount “you had to be there” experiences. Now we are actually there.

With that in mind I would like to begin the tradition of “YouTube Clip of the Day“.

The first is an homage to my brother Evan, who posted this clip on his blog yesterday. Not only does it take me back to my childhood (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was the first movie I ever owned…bought for me by my brother of course), but it has an interview with the Ice Man around the 1:08 mark that embodies everything that is tremendous about the early 90s.

If nothing else, it has introduced “Make it Ice” into my vocabulary. Enjoy.

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