YouTube Clip of the Day: Provocative ‘Shake Weight’ Infomercial

You know, I try to stay away from the toilet humor. I really do. Fart jokes, sexual innuendo, and bad language are usually out of bounds on this blog because, personally, it’s usually not very funny.

Then I see something like this, and I immediately regress in maturity to the point of a 14-year-old boy. I saw this infomercial while celebrating my high school baseball’s team’s victory at a San Diego Chili’s. I laughed so hard that I nearly spit my beer (I mean…Sprite) all over the bar.

Apparently the Shake Weight is a real thing, and it claims to use something called “Dynamic Inertia” to give your arms a better workout.

Something tells me there are college kids all over the nation just got a last-resort pick-up line: “Come on, baby. It’s Dynamic Inertia!”

I can’t believe the FCC let this go through.

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