YouTube Clip of the Day: Scott Howard Wins in the End

He a winner!

When you talk about the great sports movies of all time, you often hear the same names come up: Bull Durham, The Natural, Major League, Varsity Blues, Miracle. What people forget is that the ground-breaking 1985 film Teen Wolf, starring a young Michael J. Fox, is in essence a sports movie. It also happens to contain one of the original (and best) sports montage scenes of all time, enriched by the harrowing tenor of Mark Safan’s Win in the End.

A little backgroud: Scott Howard (Fox) has led his high school team to the championship game against his dreaded rival (and boyfriend of Howard’s dream girl), Mick. Howard has played all season as his alter-ego The Wolf who, naturally, has superior basketball abilities. After a recent altercation with Mick at the school dance where Howard, as The Wolf, nearly attacked Mick out of anger, Howard has vowed never to transform into The Wolf again. Much to the chagrin of the home crowd, Howard shows up to the championship game not as The Wolf, but as himself. After his teammates plead with him to transform so that they have a shot at winning, Howard utters the classic words, “Guys, I wanna win. But I gotta be me.” Then the magic unfolds…

A few things to note:

  • The director must not have shot enough basketball scenes, as the same clips are used over and over from different angles.
  • The red-headed lefty, #45, is clearly the best athlete on the court and the Player of the Game but you don’t see him running off with Boof afterwards. Where’s the love?
  • Mick repeatedly clotheslines opposing players (a WWE-worthy shot at 2:01), but is never whistled for a flagrant foul nor ejected from the game.
  • Dwight Howard could learn something from Chubby’s hook shot at 3:02.
  • After a behind-the-back assist at 4:20, Howard brashly celebrates by jumping into his teammate’s arms in the middle of the game…meanwhile the other teams goes down and scores immediately.

I know the clip doesn’t show the ending, but I’ll let you guess how it turns out.


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