YouTube Clip of the Day: Gheorghe Muresan Scores One for the Kids

What a great day for humanity.

For those of you that don’t remember, Gheorghe Muresan was a 7-foot-7 Romanian monster who took the league by storm when he started playing for the Washington Bullets (still sounds better than Wizards…Gilbert Arenas clearly likes the original name better…I’m not really worried that he’ll cast a spell on me, but I am worried that he will shoot me with bullets) in 1993.

As the tallest human to ever play in the NBA, Gheorghe’s game was shaky at best, largely due to the fact that he had trouble moving his gigantic body up and down the court. But still, he put up some relatively decent stats for a few years.

Off the court, however, Gheorghe was an absolute star. He turned in hilarious performances in several commercials and, of course, embraced his freakish appearance by starring in the 1998 Hollywood Blockbuster My Giant with Billy Crystal (I’m pretty sure Muresan was nominated for the best supporting actor Oscar that year…no wait…that was James Coburn).

Despite his performance in My Giant and this tremendously terpsichorean portrayal in this SportsCenter commercial, I have to say that Gheorghe’s best performance comes in the Snickers commercial below. I am forever in the debt of YouTube User patvilhauer for posting this and I can even forgive him/her for horribly butchering the spelling of “Murison.” Really? In the 20 minutes it takes to upload a 30-second clip to YouTube, you couldn’t have punched “Murison” into Google and realized that Charles Leslie Murison wasn’t featured in the video?

The “don’t look at me!” line at the end absolutely makes the ad. I can’t help but think back to high school, when this commercial prompted me and my buddies to say “…and score one for the kids” after any mediocre result after a maximum amount of effort. In fact, I’m bringing that back.

Ex: “I just spent three hours writing an article but I forgot to hit ‘save’ and I lost all my work when my computer died. And score one for the kids…”


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