Orioles trade for 767 Career Strikeouts

Orioles fans better get used to this.

The Baltimore Orioles gave up young pitcher David Hernandez Monday in exchange for a guaranteed 200+ strikeouts from the third base position. The Orioles acquired Mark Reynolds from the Arizona Diamondbacks, apparently lured in by the other number that stands out on Reynolds’ resume: 121 homeruns. Reynolds’ strikeout totals for the past three seasons also happen to be the three highest totals in the history of Major League Baseball. I think the fourth-highest belongs to Pedro Cerrano.

As a Baltimore native, I utilized my right to jump on the Orioles bandwagon last season when they suddenly turned into one of baseball’s best teams after Buck Showalter took over. The move makes sense for the young Orioles, who seriously lacked pop last year (133 hrs, 5th worst in the AL). And it’s not like Hernandez is going to start pitching like his namesake Felix any time soon.

After hearing about how the Los Angeles Dodgers made a great move by picking up “power hitter” Juan Uribe, it’s nice to see a team go out and actually get a legitimate longball hitter.

Even if Reynolds does strike out more than Steve Urkel.


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