Weekly Sportspod – Colin Talks to Sawyer about the Rays and Jersey Shore

Finally, booze that can help me get huge.

With the MLB playoffs right around the corner, I thought we should talk to my former Yale Baseball teammate and Tampa Bay resident Marc Sawyer about the Rays and their chances in the postseason. And of course Sawyer and I could not get through a conversation without talking about Jersey Shore and the agonizing Ronnie and Sammi drama. Enjoy.

As always listen below, right-click and download the link, or wait for it to show up on iTunes in either a couple hours or a few months.

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Colin and Sow Weekly Podcast – MLB Trade Deadline


Well, looks like we’re 2 for 2. This week Sow and I have an extensive talk about the MLB Trade Deadline’s winners and losers, Dez Bryant’s refusal to subject himself to hazing, and Albert Haynesworth’s inability to pass a conditioning camp.

Fat camp, anyone?

As always, listen below, right click on the link to download, or wait for it to show up on iTunes in three months.


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Colin and Sow Present: Oscar Talk

Don't forget that 3 6 Mafia have Oscars

Need a last minute refresher on the 2010 Oscars? Take a listen as I talk with my friend Josh Sowers about the awards. We make our picks, talk about snubs, and make some sports analogies along the way. Listen below or search on iTunes. Enjoy.


Colin’s First Three-Way…Podcast

Colin talks to Josh Sowers and Patrick Smith…at the same time! Thanks to Skype, the three of us talk about the Olympics, NBA trades, and baseball. Not to mention a few diversions. Listen by downloading on iTunes or using the player below.

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Man Crush of the Week

With the NBA playoffs in full swing, I’m surprised my man crush has taken me in different direction. After Lebron and Paul Pierce went back and forth last night in Bird-Dominique fashion (or so I’m told by ESPN every five minutes), I was sure one of them would secure this week’s MCOW Award.

Or maybe it would be Chris Paul who, as a third year player, has taken the New Orleans Hornets to a seventh game at home against the defending world champion Spurs.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, most of the time you can’t control your feelings. That’s why this week’s Man Crush goes to Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun.

I’ve thought about it long and hard, and here’s what I think drew me to Ryan Braun:

1. He’s a SoCal Native (Thousand Oaks, about 15 minutes from my house)

2. He hits dingers

3. He hits a lot of dingers

Quite Braun-y

Quite Braun-y

After a mediocre start (by his standards), Braun’s bat has turned smoldering hot this past week, hitting 8 homeruns in his last 8 games, bringing his total to 13 for the year. In the process, last season’s Rookie of the Year earned himself a monster contract extension┬áthat will pay him $45 million over the next eight years.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he packs on some pounds in the future ($45 million + 8 years in Milwaukee = lots of sausage and beer) but as of now Braun’s slender frame makes his unbelievable power a mystery. Adding to my Man Crush is the fact that Braun, unlike most power hitters, hits breaking balls just as well as fastballs. That mean’s he’s not going to stop hitting homeruns when pitchers stop throwing him fastballs(see: 1994 Rookie of the Year Bob Hamelin).

Braun also officially announced his presence as a left fielder (after a horrendous stint at third base last year) by appearing on the SportsCenter Top 10 with a sweet diving catch.

Sorry Bron Bron, but Braun takes the MCOW this week. Wait, what?

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