Weekly SportsPod – Colin Talks to Sow and Rass About the Red Sox and the Sports Movie Character Hall of Fame


The Red Sox surprised everyone by swooping Carl Crawford.

With the Boston Red Sox making some serious power plays in the last couple weeks, I had to bring on Northeast baseball expert Eric Rasmussen to get some insight. We’re also joined by Josh Sowers, and all three of us discuss which sports movie characters would have a shot at the Hall of Fame in their respective sports.

Finally we conclude with a little college hoops talk, where Rass gives us his Final Four picks and Cinderella Upset Alert. You don’t want to miss it, believe me. Enjoy.

Weekly SportsPod – Colin Talks To Rass and Sow 120910


Colin and Sow Present: Oscar Talk

Don't forget that 3 6 Mafia have Oscars

Need a last minute refresher on the 2010 Oscars? Take a listen as I talk with my friend Josh Sowers about the awards. We make our picks, talk about snubs, and make some sports analogies along the way. Listen below or search on iTunes. Enjoy.


Colin’s First Three-Way…Podcast

Colin talks to Josh Sowers and Patrick Smith…at the same time! Thanks to Skype, the three of us talk about the Olympics, NBA trades, and baseball. Not to mention a few diversions. Listen by downloading on iTunes or using the player below.

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Podcast #3 – Colin talks to The Life

After a big Laker win in game two, I called my high school point guard and current Los Angeles Clippers employee David Gale to get some insight.

Oh yeah, he worked out with Blake Griffin on Saturday…how’s that for credibility?

As always you can download here or find me on iTunes by typing Ward-Henninger, You’ve Got to be kidding me, or some combination of my name and the title…you’ll figure it out.

Podcast #3 – Colin talks to The Life

Podcast #1 – Colin talks to Sow

At long last, the podcasts are underway. Here is the first one in which I call my good friend Josh Sowers and we discuss a bunch of baseball related topics…oh yeah, and South Park.

There are some sound issues (volume, phone call distortion) but I think it’s alright to listen to. It can only go up from here!

Click on the link to listen live through QuickTime or right click, save link as… and listen later! (Make sure you click on the link below before you try to right click and download…just one of those things)


Podcast #1 – Colin talks to Sow

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