Colin and Sow Weekly Podcast – Favre, Good Music, and More

He did it to us again...

In a special Friday edition of the weekly podcast, Sow and I discuss being suckered in by the Brett Favre drama once again, A-Rod and his 600th homerun, and the Shaq vs. Jim Rome feud. Then we get into an extremely intellectual discussion about the place of sports in our society (we are Yale guys after all…) and finish up with some discussion about Lollapalooza and the state of music in general.

Oh and for anyone that makes it to the end, we have a very special treat for you…enjoy.

As always, listen below, right-click and download, or look for it on iTunes by searching “You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me” or “Ward-Henninger”.

Josh Sowers 080510

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